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Road Trip - Santa Barbara, CA to Los Alamos, NM

The summer of Selena's 2nd year of graduate school was spent at Los Alamos National Lab, in NM. With the help of Everett, the two of them did a road trip to the great southwest, where they stopped to see the sights... and made very few other stops along the way. Road trips with Selena are hardcore.

The first stop was Las Vegas, NV. Where they rushed to get into town because they were going to see JLo!

JLo did not disappoint! 

After, they toured the town and did a little gambling. Selena was looking forward to putting her coins to good use in the penny slots, only to find out that none of the slots took real money. However, no real coins where lost in the process, regardless of how stuck they may have been. Shout out to the older gentleman, a veteran gambler, who took pity on the two of these fresh faced newbies, by giving them his $1.50 credit. This was instantly lost in a game of Wheel of Fortune.

The next day brought the two to the Hoover Dam, where temperatures exceeded triple digits. The heat was, for once, too hot for even Selena to enjoy.

After admiring the well built dam, they high-tailed it out of there to the southern portion of the Grand Canyon, in Flagstaff, AZ. Here, they walked around the rim of the canyon and ate their first meal out of the car... at a restaurant just off of the rim.

The next morning, as highly rated by the Airbnb host, the pair went out of their way to Sedona, AZ. Once there, they ate in their car by a well-known trial head. Due to having no time for a hike and the temperatures being too hot to hike, they left Sedona thinking they probably shouldn't have went and saw Sedona.

Parking lot pictures of that beautiful red-rock in Sedona, AZ.

The last leg of the trip consisted of watching endless land pass by, while Selena continued to make PB&J sandwiches on the go. When they reached the great city of Albuquerque, NM, they stopped for some authentic Mexican food. Much to Everett's delight and Selena's hesitation, each meal came with either red or green chili sauce. Nothing a margarita can't fix.

The start of Selena's southwest experience was beginning! 

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